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dbsjproductions's Journal

DBSJ Productions
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Providing HQ Subs to the DBSK & Super Junior Fandoms

DBSJ Productions
Group Name: DBSJ Productions
Group Start: July 2007
Language: English
Type: Softsubs and Hardsubbed ( unless otherwise stated )
Links: Official Website | Main Forums | HeadQuarters | Fansub Wiki
Youtube Account | Youtube Group | Veoh Channel
Frequently Asked Questions | Completed Projects | Current Projects

Old Fansub Group Names:
- D.E.S.T ( DBSK Exclusive Subbing Team ) (October 2006)
- DBSK Exclusive Production (January 2007)
- DBSJ Production ( collaboration with SJ*FH Forums ) (May 2007)

DBSJ Productions is part of DBSK Exclusive Forums, an international fanbase forum dedicated to DBSG/THSK/TVXQ!.
DBSJ Productions will provide HQ subs for both Super Junior and TVXQ! videos. There will be both hard- and soft- subs that will be released ( unless stated otherwise ). Our team also has typesetters who work hard in designing the subtitles with different fonts; font colors; and configuring the alignment of the subtitles to make it easier to read.
Our main goal is to give you the HIGHEST quality of english subtitles our team can offer.
Our Rules
Join our team!
Currently looking for:
- Korean Translators - translate spoken Korean into English subtitles
- Japanese Translators - translate spoken Japanese into English subtitles
- Chinese Translators - translate Chinese subs into English subtitles
- Timers - set the timing of the translation to the RAW videos
- Editors/Quality Checkers - check grammar, spelling, and timing (must know how to time)
- Typesetters - make the subs look pretty; change colors and positions, etc.
- Encoders - add the subs to the video/hardsub
- Uploaders (Direct Links) - upload finished products to different servers
- Graphic Designers - make banners for the different projects and for subbing team use
Contact us!
E-mail us at the following addresses if you are interested in joining our team :
- dbsjproductions@dbskexclusive.net
- dbsjproduction@yahoo.com
Want to affiliate? Drop neferteenie a message!

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