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14 October 2009 @ 12:23 pm

For quite a while now, DBSK Exclusive Website, Forums, and DBSJ Productions have been on hiatus.
We're currently looking into revamping said sites and we need your help!
We're looking for graphic & web designers that can help design & code our forum's and websites' layouts.


Also, the re-posting of fresh links for our older projects is now finished.
Please take a look around & snag whichever videos you couldn't before~!
01 August 2009 @ 02:02 am
Any questions should be posted here. Please do read this post thoroughly first before asking questions~! We'll try our best to answer :)

Q. I can't see the subs!
A. Are you sure you joined? :)

Q. I'm not Korean/don't know how to read Korean, how do I register for & download files from Clubbox?
A. We don't own a clubbox anymore, but here's a guide to help: [TUTORIAL] How to Use Clubbox

Q. I've downloaded the files you've provided, the .001, .002, etc. but it won't play!
A. You'll to download & install HJSplit to join your files.

Q. How do I use HJSplit?
A. Open HJSplit and click Join. Browse for the .001 file and click OK. Do make sure you've downloaded ALL PARTS or else the video will be incomplete.

Q. I've downloaded the file (no 001, .002, etc.) but it still won't play! Also, part of the file name is missing!
A. Chances are, the file name got cut off. Rename the file with adding the .avi extension.
Example: If you downloaded a file & it only goes up to 071211 Super Junior - IPLE Unreleased Part 09 - The Day We Made Miracle Part 3 {ENGSUBBED} [DBSJ Produc add .avi including the period.

Q. Do you offer softsubs?
A. In order to protect our members' hard work from people who steal subs & claim them as their won, we're going to only release hardsubs.

Q. May I convert & upload your videos on MP4 format & post it on my community/forum?
A. Yes, you may but you need to credit DBSJ Productions & a link back to the post where you got the video from is necessary.

Q. May we use your subs to translate & sub it in another language?
A. Yes you may. Credit is a must. You need to credit our team as a whole, DBSJ Productions, & the translator who worked on that video, respectively. A link back to the comm is optional. Also, please send us a link(s) to the video(s) so we can also see your final product. :)

Q. How come you didn't sub Episode 14 of Super Junior Full House?
A. We didn't bother subbing it because it was just a compilation of all 13 episodes.
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23 October 2008 @ 09:16 pm
This is to help us achieve a Gold clubbox that we have been wanting to achieve so that we won't have to re-upload our videos and the links will never die :]

DO NOT take this tutorial out of this community.

Help please? Collapse )

07 December 2007 @ 05:56 pm

This community is FRIENDS LOCKED.
Please join in order to see our subbed goods. 
Also friend us for updates. :] 
07 December 2007 @ 05:54 pm

As the title says! We do this for the fans so, if you'd like to see a DBSK or Super Junior related video subbed, let us know here. Please don't repeat what other people have posted. Just reply to that person's post that you second the request so we know which ones are on demand and which can wait~! Thanks!

07 December 2007 @ 05:53 pm